New DUAL machine

11 10 2010

The new Ixia DUAL machine is designed for the New World but it offers the same benefits to the Old World too.It can be used in 3 modes – as a twin machine, as two individual machines or as a single machine on either side.

The economy forces all companies to maximise the potential benefit of all capital investment. This new version of the Ixia denester allows greater flexibility on production requirements on tight twin line conveyors.

It can be run as one machine using a linked or aligned signal so fast depositing of liquid and semi-liquids is easy. Output synchronization would allow fast runs of short orders for the end of the day deliveries or short stock builds to use all the available time in any shift system.

Rising labour costs mean that non-productive time needs to be continuously reduced to stay competitive in all unit based costing systems. A small increase of 5% in labour time use could save the average increase in this year’s hourly rate.

The DUAL  can also be run in split mode as it has completely independent control systems.

Both sides can be run with either side running a choice of product irrespective of speeds on either line. Tooling can be changed without stopping both sides and product can be loaded without a delay to allow continuous output.

Down time for a stoppage on the line or a breakdown allows the facility to swap lines to prevent food wastage or to maximise shift overlaps. It can take full size products without limitations and difficult materials like large polypropylene trays can be combined with lightweight trays without any effect.

It can be completely removed for cleaning and like all Ixia denesters is suitable for full wash down in any environment.




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