About Ixia


We  are  manufacturers of specialised packaging machinery from standard products such as denesters to custom units that pick, lid and close.  Dual lane, triple lane  and even larger multi-lane systems are all bespoke and new dual units with split functionality are becoming more popular.

All designed with the sole purpose of improving line efficiencies and reducing production costs.

A unique method of picking .............

Special Pot Gating SystemPrecise Placement of Pots on a Flat Bed Conveyor

Quality and innovation are key factors for Ixia.    A fast changing world of packaging with lighter materials  means we have to ask …… ‘how can we improve the system’ …… We know that this is always difficult but in the majority of applications, we  find the answers.

We know that each of our customers requirements  vary, no application is exactly the same and therefore requires a variety of solutions,  –   not just supplying standard  products.

We manufacture all our machines at our factory in Uckfield,  East Sussex – so we can control and change the design to suit each specific application.

We always look to offer our clients “The best cost solution“…..but we never compromise on our Product Quality.

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