U-Card Folding System

Folded  U-Card with delicious Hot Cross Buns
Folded U-Card with delicious Hot Cross Buns


The reason we developed this product was because some ‘Old’ U-card machines  did not work consistently and some cards needed to be pre-folded prior to insertion into the flow-wrappers.

Many existing system are ‘passive’  – meaning that they place the flat cards into the flow-wrapper and the conveyor system folds the cards.  In practice this can cause production problems.  Cards can be changed in size,  shape, thickness,  cuts, etc and some systems cannot accommodate any changes.

The Ixia U-Card Folding  box is integrated into the denester and uses very little line space. A card is denested then it is placed into the folding frame and the card is gently pushed through the folding mechanism.

The whole mechanism is easily changed by the operator without tools so acetates, for example, can be used on the same machine and several card sizes can be accommodated in the one system. For large variations of card shapes different folding frames can be used and this accommodates the future proofing requirement if packaging changes dramatically.