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3 07 2017

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New DUAL machine

11 10 2010

The new Ixia DUAL machine is designed for the New World but it offers the same benefits to the Old World too.It can be used in 3 modes – as a twin machine, as two individual machines or as a single machine on either side.
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fruit farm denester

25 08 2010

This is a custom machine designed for a leading English producer. The twin lane system allows a higher speed of output even with a slow load to avoid damaging the fruit. Short English summers aggravate the need for fast packaging and the labour requirement can be used more effectively than picking a tray.

This system is part of a major line investment but can be used just as easily on its own so the flexibility may be advantageous for potential customers with multi-use requirements that vary by season or by location.

There is a growing interest in larger machines as the labour saving is greater and the design can accommodate different packaging at the same time which makes it as fast as a rotary but allows more options of use.

As some customers receive updated orders during the working day flexibility and fast tool change can be imperative to meeting customer requirements and taking advantage of production time. This system can be changed over in less than two minutes without the need for an engineer.

Findus Sweden

24 11 2009


Frozen food giant calls in the experts in denesting to provide a unique solution to theĀ  problem of coppice board trays Read the rest of this entry »